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Specialist marine environmental consultancy and survey services

Starfish by Ian Wilson (Benthic Solutions Limited)

Benthic Solutions Limited (BSL) is an independent marine environmental consultancy and survey company offering a broad range of capabilities in survey, analytical, interpretative and project management in the marine industry. Although established at the beginning of 2Scottish Fish Farm Site004, the senior consultant has over 15 years experience in marine and environmental survey services, covering a multitude of different disciplines relating to marine data acquisition and interpretation. Consequently BSL can provide an almost unique capability in both broad interpretation of multi-disciplinary acoustic data and site specific environmental data as a single deliverable.

Key areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Benthic biology (macrofauna) and sediment physico-chemistry
  • Interpretation of hydrographic and shallow geophysical data
  • Marine Habitat Assessments
  • Marine geochemistry 
  • Physical oceanography
  • Field data acquisition using benthic sampling (grabs, corers & dredges)
  • Field data acquisition using video and photography (ROV, fish & camera)
  • Surveys from shallow water estuaries to full ocean depthShallow Water ROV Operations using the VideoRay Pro2
  • Manufacture of the Wilson Auto Siever

Key marine markets:

  • Environmental baseline surveys
  • Environmental acquisition and monitoring for EIAs
  • Platform decommissioning and cuttings pile assessments
  • Benthic and pelagic surveys
  • Habitat & fish spawning ground surveys
  • Shallow geochemical exploration
  • Slope stability and geological dating
  • ROV inspection and maintenance operations
  • Pipeline & cable route surveys
  • Dredge licensing, aggregate extraction and wind farms
  • Deep water surveys (benthic and cold water coral assessments)

Personnel at BSL are experienced in the use of a broad range of field sampling Day grab sampler used for benthic surveystools. These include the following:

  • Grabs (Day, Van Veen & Hamon)
  • Reineck, Tenant, IOS, USNEL Box Corers from (0.06-0.25m2)
  • Hydrostatically dampened multi corers
  • Gravity, Phlegar,  piston and vibrocorers
  • Beam and Agassi trawls
  • Multi-parameter water profilers and water samplers
  • Field probes (Redox, pH, CTD and DO)
  • Plankton samplers
  • Both shallow and deep water video systems (fish, frames & sleds)ROV corer used in shallow Mediterranean Sands
  • Digital stills photography
  • Remotely operated vehicles (ROV)
  • Sidescan sonar and echo sounder systems
  • Seabed classification systems
  • Sub-bottom profilers & seismic equipment
  • Diving surveys